Bomberman – Crossplatform! – Multiplayer!

Currently I am working on a bomberman which is going to be platform multiplayer.

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LolCreator is one of the most lightweight league of legends account creators available. It uses .NET Framework 4 and WebRequests to get the most out of your performance. In performance tests it showed that you could reach over 200 registers per minute, with only 5% CPU and RAM usage. This combined with the option to queue up your registerwork you will be able to just fill in a few fields and have your registers done within minutes!

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Froggy Cross

I was sick of all those flappy bird remakes, and decided to make another kind of endless game. Froggy Cross is a endless frogger with the flappy bird style of score. It is already been downloaded for over 100 times and has a score of 4,67, so people seem to like the game.

- Something addicting like flappy bird, but not flappy bird.
- It’s free!

Java (Using Libgdx)


Some screenshots of the game:
Art made by Sander Agelink
More info about art:
Sander said he made everything himself. After a few days of just looking around on the internet I started to find some ‘art’ of my back on the internet. This means he didn’t make it all himself.




3D Modelviewer (DirectX)

3D Modelviewer made using the DirectX kit. Currently it loads the models of League of Legends. It decompiles the file structure Riot uses and converts all the vertices that way I can use them.

The camera is made to be freemode, so you can watch the models indepth.

- Decompile League of legends models
- Show model
- Texture model
- Move your camera around freely



Terraria proxy

TerrariaProxy is something that stands between you and the server you are playing on. You connect to the proxy, and from there it will connect to the server. That way it will be able to intercept the packets(data) that are being send from you to the server and the other way around.

But that’s not all, I took it a step futher. If you tell it to ‘bomb’ the server it will make Fake characters without client connect to the server and spam the message you want.

Something I learned in this process is, is that you can make your ‘custom’ client by finding out how the original client works and emulating it. This way you could make your client have cheats, bigger viewport etc. with a cool look!

- Spawn items
- Teleportation
- Bombing servers with fake clients
- Instant-world-mine
- Read/log ALL data


Piece of code on how I build/read packets:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace TerrariaProxy.Packets
    /// <summary>
    /// Used to send new player x and y
    /// </summary>
    public class UpdatePlayerPacket : Packet
        public UpdatePlayerPacket(Byte[] packet)
            : base(packet)

        public UpdatePlayerPacket(Byte playerID, Position pos) 
            : base(PacketID.UPDATE_PLAYER, 25)
            this.PlayerID = playerID;
            this.Position = pos;

        public Byte PlayerID
            get { return ReadByte(5); }
            set { WriteByte(value, 5); }
        public Byte Control
            get { return ReadByte(6); }
            set { WriteByte(value, 6); }
        public Byte SelectedItem
            get { return ReadByte(7); }
            set { WriteByte(value, 7); }
        public Position Position
            get { return new Position(ReadFloat(8), ReadFloat(12)); }
            set { WriteFloat(value.X, 8); WriteFloat(value.Y, 12); }
        public Position Velocity
            get { return new Position(ReadFloat(16), ReadFloat(20)); }
            set { WriteFloat(value.X, 16); WriteFloat(value.Y, 20); }
        public Byte Pulley
            get { return ReadByte(24); }
            set { WriteByte(value, 24); }